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Becoming a volunteer with MDC gives community members the opportunity to give back to the community, strengthen their recovery capital, and learn new skills. With a variety of volunteer roles available, each and every person can contribute to the recovery community in a meaningful way through their service.

Metro Drug Coalition’s Volunteer Mission

The Volunteer Program of MDC supports the MDC mission in organizing the prevention and recovery community and its ability to care. Volunteers deliver a variety of effective peer-to-peer prevention and recovery support services that address the needs of the community.

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Volunteer Positions

  • Telephone Recovery Support

  • Receptionist

  • Peer Group Volunteer

  • Vocational Support

  • Center Operations & Maintenance

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  • Administrative Support

  • Greeter

  • Recovery Coach

  • Community Relations

  • MDC Events Position

  • Social & Community Committee

Requested commitment of volunteer hours/week
In order to ensure that MDC uses your time wisely, and that the staff and community members benefit from your services, we ask that you make a minimum commitment of three hours a week for six months.

Why volunteer with MDC?

Volunteer Benefits

The Volunteer Application Process

  • Complete the volunteer application

  • Each volunteer will be asked to sign a waiver to conduct a criminal background check.*

  • Complete volunteer orientation

* A criminal background does not exclude a volunteer from serving with MDC; however, those with a history of violent criminal acts or sexual offenses are encouraged not to apply.

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To apply to volunteer with Metro Drug Coalition, please click the button below to fill out the application.

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