Thank you for your interest in MDC’s upcoming Psychological First Aid classes. Below you will find dates and times for classes available. These classes are completely virtual, and they are free and open to the public.

During this one hour training learn to provide psychological first aid to people in an emergency by employing the RAPID model.

The RAPID model is readily applicable to public health settings, the workplace, the military, faith-based organizations, mass disaster venues, and even the demands of more commonplace critical events, such as dealing with the psychological aftermath of accidents, robberies, suicide, homicide, or community violence.

Certificates will be available to all participants upon completions of the class.

If you have questions, or you are interested in alternative training dates, please Contact Us.

Psychological First Aid Training

Upcoming Classes

Wednesday, April 17, 2024
1 pm – 2 pm, Virtual Course

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If your organization is interested in receiving Psychological First Aid training, please contact us.