The Gateway: Building a Place for Enthusiastic Recovery

Through the building of The Gateway, we will connect individuals and families to social and community resources, serve those who wish to uncover their unique pathway to long-term sustainable recovery, and give people the opportunity to give back to others as they strengthen their own recovery.

The Gateway is a recovery community center, based off a national evidence-based model to provide additional supports and on-going recovery to those transitioning from addiction treatment back into the community or who are seeking recovery, but need someone to walk beside them as they navigate a path free from substance misuse. The disease of addiction is both chronic (lifelong) and relapsing. By keeping individuals from isolating during the early stages of recovery, we can further strengthen their skills and reduce potential relapses.

About Metro Drug Coalition

Our Purpose

Enhancing the availability of quality support services for people seeking and experiencing long-term recovery from a substance use disorder.

Our Vision

To be a safe and supportive place enhancing the lives of anyone affected by substance use disorders.

The Problem

The Impact of Substance Abuse Disorders

Substance use disorders are primary, progressive, chronic, relapsing and treatable diseases. These conditions have a dramatic impact on the lives of individuals, their families and partners, and community as a whole. With over 20 million people having substance use disorders, we can no longer choose to turn a blind eye to the impact this is having.

Despite the fact that we have treatments we know are effective, only 10 percent of people who currently need treatment are actually receiving it. Treatment is only the beginning of a long-term recovery process of brain healing and restoration. By focusing on community-based recovery services, we can increase capacity by avoiding relapse.

Of People Who Need Treatment Are Receiving It

The Gateway Experience: Long-Term Recovery Support Solutions

The Gateway is a recovery-oriented sanctuary anchored in the heart of the community. It exists to put a face on recovery, to build recovery capital and to serve as a physical location where MDC can organize the local recovery community’s ability to care. MDC’s Gateway is not a treatment agency, it is not a 12-step club, and it is not a drop-in center, although aspects of all of these are apparent. The Gateway is the key to unlocking our community’s endless possibilities for recovery resources. The center will enhance the connection between existing treatment resources and recovery support services, while providing a centralized location to coordinate access to services based on an individuals’ specific needs. It will deliver peer-to-peer recovery support services using a combination of paid staff and volunteer force as the deliverers of these services. It will provide life skills development opportunities as well as host specific social events and other activities for participants to build a supportive community.

Restore Through The Gateway
Our Approach to Recovery Support

Restore Through The Gateway
Our Approach to Recovery Support

Introducing The Gateway

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Opportunities Available

Family Support Groups

Recovery Coaching

All-Recovery Meetings

Music Therapy

Community Resources

Recovery Training Series

Life-Skills Training

Art Therapy

Recovery Social Events

Naming Opportunities

Throughout The Gateway, we offer a variety of items to be sponsored. You can choose to feature your name, company’s name or in remembrance of someone on any of the following areas.

The Gateway Building
Community Training Room
Coffee Shop
Community Room & Computer Lounge
Music & Art Therapy Rooms
Family & Individual Therapy Rooms

Beacon of Hope Giving Opportunities

As a beacon of hope donor, you can choose to feature your name, company’s name or in remembrance of someone on a wall prominently displayed in The Gateway.

Giver of Integrity $500 – $999
Advocate of Faith
$1,000 – $2,499
Supporter of Courage $2,500 – $4,999
Champion of Hope $5,000 – $9,999

These names have been chosen from the spiritual principals of the 12-steps of recovery.

Building & Operation Costs

The Gateway is currently under construction with the expertise of Rick Cox Construction, Barber McMurry Architects and Realty Trust Group.

Building Purchase Costs | Cost of the Commercial Space
Operation Costs | Operational Expenses for 2 Years
Revonations, Site Preperation & Planning | Architect, Site Work, Construction, Structural Repairs, Etc.
Furnishings | Furniture, Appliances, Technology, Etc.
Start-Up Costs | 3-6 mo of Salaries & Training Expenses
Other Expenses | Legal, Security, Etc.

Gateway Donors

Giver of Integrity

Judy W. Akers
Wynne Caffey-Knight
Tina T Callicutt
Edward Capparelli
Carol W Carden
Michele Carringer
Carolyn Cates
Lanis L Cope
Angela Ferrie
Greg Hewitt
Steve Hutchins
Sarah Joiner
Gary Randal King
Eric Lutton
Fiona McAnally
Lauren Rider
Madeline Rogero
Jorge Sanabria
Victor Stacy
John R Staley Jr.
Charles Swanson
Nathan Woods
Kiwanis Club of Northside Knoxville
White Realty & Service Group
Restoration Counseling Services, LLC

Advocate of Faith

Charme Allen
Janet Brewer
Marty Brown
Mark Browne
Martha L Buchanan
Larry & Jenny Bushkell
James J Choo
Sherry Crouse
Randal Dabbs
Rick Dover
Bill Dunn
John Gill Jr.
Tim Hill
Steve McGrew
Amy Midis
Ed Pershing
Karen Pershing
Swannee Sexton
George Wallace
William Waltman Jr.
University Physicians’ Association. Inc.
Jessup & Associates, Inc
Morris Creative Group LLC

Supporter of Courage

Steve Bailey
James J Choo
Ted Flickinger
Samuel French
Greg Gheen
Jim Lapinska
Laurie MacNair
Richard Maples
East Tennessee Foundation
Home Federal Bank
The Diocese of East Tennessee

Champion of Hope

Barbara Crist
A. David Martin
Frank Rothermel
Robert & Margaret Petrone
Barber McMurry Architects
First Horizon Foundation

Naming Opportunities

City of Knoxville Grant, Community Training Room
Knox County Grant, Computer Lab and Community Lounge

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Make Your Contribution Today!

(865) 588-5550

Donate Now