During National Recovery Month, MDC is excited to be highlighting our Recovery Community Center, The Gateway, all month long! We invite you to partner with us as we raise funds to help make our dreams a reality! We have a goal of raising $10,000 and we need your help!

Through the building of The Gateway, we will connect individuals and families to social and community resources, serve those who wish to uncover their unique pathway to long-term sustainable recovery, and give people the opportunity to give back to others as they strengthen their own recovery.

The Gateway is a recovery community center, based off a national model to provide additional supports and on-going recovery to those transitioning from addiction treatment back into the community or who are seeking recovery, but need someone to walk beside them as they navigate a path free from substance misuse. The disease of addiction is both chronic (lifelong) and relapsing. By keeping individuals from isolating during the early stages of recovery, we can further strengthen their skills and reduce potential relapse.

We can save lives and heal our families, but not without your help. As a non-profit organization that is primarily grant funded, we are counting on the generosity of the caring people in the Knoxville area to help us create a safer, healthier community, free from substance misuse.

Help us, help individuals to discover their full potential and for families to thrive socially and economically. Only by meeting people where they can they find hope and healing.

Please visit metrodrug.org/donate to learn more and ways to partner with us today. To learn more about The Gateway, please visit here.