Hello, my name is Clarence Ford, and this is my recovery story. Every sense I was a wee little lad I remember my papaw and uncles working on race cars using and selling drugs. I used to look up to them. I started using and selling drugs. I somehow managed to survive until my adult years. I spent years using and selling drugs, that was all I knew. I started using and selling meth. This went on for a few years, until I got caught. I’m currently serving 8 years on paper. While I was incarcerated it was so depressing realizing I had no one to look up to my whole life and realizing the impact my choices had made on my children, my fiancé, my whole family, and my life. They sent me to CenterPoint rehab, where I was taught the basic skills for recovery. I got released to DRC which stands for daily reporting center. They taught me how to deal with everyday crises and not resort to drug use. They got me in touch with MDC (Metro Drug Coalition) where I met Emory Young, he has coached me through my recovery. He was there in my best and worst of times, kind of like a big brother. I call him for guidance, he has helped me remove barriers. He was optimistic. It was very difficult calling him at first, a stranger and an outsider. I was a little on the defensive side I would call him for little things I guess you could call it testing the water so to speak so I found myself calling him for big things also I found out the water was warm so I came on in lol I often called him for advice and guidance more and more it really helps to have an outsiders point of view on things he became what no one in my life would be my role model that I longed for my whole life I wouldn’t be where I’m at today getting my GED and have become a productive member in society. I am drug free; I have goals and I have a life.