<h1 class='title'>Amphetamine</h1>


Category: Stimulant
Names: Speed, meth, crank, crystal, black beauties, bennies

Usage: Swallowed, smoked (ice, crystal), injected

Duration: Two to four hours

Description: Capsules, white powder, tablets, liquid

Immediate effects:
Excitement, increases self-confidence, increases wakefulness and mental alertness, palpitations, talkativeness, poor concentration

Delayed effects:
Weight loss, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, hyperactivity, severe depression, rapid mood changes, heart and brain damage

Lack of consciousness, convulsions, rapid pulse, slowed respiration, cold and clammy skin, death

Depression, decreased energy, lack of interest in environment

Signs & Symptoms:
Dilated pupils, profuse sweating, rapid respiration, increased heart rate, confusion, talkativeness, inability to concentrate, heightened aggressive behavior, anxiety, fatigue and depression

Did you know?

  • Regular use produces strong psychological dependence and increasing tolerance.
  • High doses may cause toxic psychosis resembling schizophrenia.
  • With increased use, the stimulating effects reverse, and the result is increased fatigue and depression.
  • Use may induce heart attack or stroke.