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Middle and High School

Substance Abuse Prevention Education

The Effects of Using and Abusing Substances presentation is an interactive presentation for middle and high school aged teens, and is presented by MDC’s Youth Initiatives Director. The presentation addresses all areas of substance use, including:

  • Common myths about substance use
  • Scope of the drug use problem in the U.S.
  • Most commonly abused drugs among Knoxville teens
  • Why people use drugs
  • What is drug abuse
  • An overview of different substances (i.e. alcohol, tobacco, e-cigs, marijuana, Rx drugs, as well as other illicit drugs)
  • How substances affect our bodies
  • Development of our brain and how drugs affect our brains
  • Understanding addiction
  • Peer pressure and choosing the right friends
  • Decision making and refusal skills

Throughout these presentations, students are encouraged to ask questions and to be interactive with the presenter. Students are challenged to focus on not only how drugs affect their own lives and their own bodies now, but how their decisions affect them in the future, as well as how their decisions affect other people. These presentations are available for organizations that work with teens, as well as middle and high schools in Knox County – both public and private sectors.

Additional Information

For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact Sarah Sandlin.