<h1 class='title'>Regional Lifeline Director</h1>

Regional Lifeline Director

Jason facilitates recovery efforts across the sixteen county area of Region 2. He educates those in recovery and the community with a specific goal in mind: reducing the stigma of substance abuse by establishing lifelines and support services for individuals in need. Jason has a passion for helping others find a path to recovery and gain the skills to sustain their journey. He has over two years in recovery and is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist.

Jason has graciously shared his personal journey in recovery below.

I am a recovering addict and my name is Jason Goodman.

That is an identification statement that I am honored to make today. Arriving at a place of honor and gratitude about being a recovering addict was a quest for sure. My life seemed to be a continual battle dealing, in some form or another, with trauma. It began with childhood experiences that I had no control over, to later trauma that was a direct result of the choices I made. I remember the first sense of relief I felt drinking a $2.75 bottle of Strawberry Hill wine. The effects seemed to take a fourteen-year-old boy far away from the reality of what was happening in his home. I used in one form or another chasing that sense of relief or escape for many years. These things came full circle to a place where we find ourselves inflicting the very trauma we experienced ourselves onto others. I always said, ‘I will never be like…’ and found myself exactly like that specific person or worse. A program of recovery has given me a set of principles to set my compass to and say instead ‘I AM going to be like…’ and that is powerful.

Now continuing this quest for freedom, I am granted the privilege of breaking the chain of harm by amending my wrongs and helping others along the way. I had become a member of MDC’s coalition while working in treatment and found myself deeply moved by the heart and professionalism of its staff. Once again I had something or someone to set my compass to. I am very grateful today to be a staff member at MDC and to be part of this amazing family of individuals who pour lovingly into this community.

Project Lifeline affords me the opportunity to reach Knox County and fifteen surrounding counties with a message of hope for people in need. I want anyone reading this article that is need of help or has knowledge of someone who is to please contact us here at MDC and give us the gift of being a part of your personal journey. Thank you for being the community you are and for giving me the opportunity to serve you.