<h1 class='title'>Recovery Housing Support Fund</h1>

Recovery Housing Support Fund


MDC’s Recovery Housing Support Fund was established in 2018 as a result of the Second Annual Recovery Resource Fair. The Resource Fair offered organizations the opportunity to sponsor the event, as well as commit to a $50 booth fee in order to vend at the fair. After the fair’s expenses, the proceeds were placed into The Recovery Housing Support fund for the first time.

The Need

In our community, there is a gap for those wishing to connect to recovery housing following treatment, incarceration, and/or unstable housing. This fund was established to aid these individuals who are not financially capable of paying the initial fee to enter a safe place to further their recovery process.

The Process

MDC created an application process for those looking for housing with the understanding that should the person remain in the process and become self-supporting they would have the opportunity to pay back into the fund at a $10 minimum to give back was given to them. MDC will pay up to $300 per individual for their recovery housing entry fee. MDC has created a set of safety standards and guidelines, according to national and state standards. MDC will vet the houses, checking the safety standards in order to help assist the individuals with beginning their process safe and secure.

From November 2018 to April 2019, this fund has assisted 18 individuals safely enter into recovery housing.


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If you are interested in applying to receive this funding, please fill out the application here.