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Who We Are


Who We Are

For over 30 years, Metro Drug Coalition has been a driving force of substance abuse prevention in the community. The coalition first began as a partnership between a few prominent leaders that were concerned about the health of the community and wanted to address the drug epidemic in Knox County. Today, MDC’s Community Coalition is comprised of more than 80 individuals throughout Knoxville engaging 12 sectors of the community including law enforcement, government, youth serving organizations, treatment programs, healthcare facilities, faith-based groups, local businesses, schools, parents and the recovery community.

Substance abuse prevention plays an important role in the health of our community. It improves individuals quality of life and saves people from the destruction of drug use. Prevention is most effective when members of the community work together to create a safe environment that will sustain for future generations. Coalition members are encouraged to participate on subcommittees that address more specific substance abuse issues. Subcommittees coordinate a variety of projects and activities throughout the year that support our mission.

Smaller coalition subcommittees meet bimonthly to plan for upcoming events and engagement opportunities. The subcommittees include:

  • Primary Prevention
  •  Intervention Strategies
  • Recovery Support

Committee Chairs

Chair: Amy Dolinky

Co-Chair: Justin Cassevechia

Secretary: Elizabeth Sherrod

Join Our Efforts

The coalition meets at noon on the fourth Tuesday every month in the Knox County Health Department’s Community Room. Participation can increase knowledge of substance abuse and the tough issues our young people are facing today. Anyone interested in making a positive impact on the community is encouraged to attend. A few hours of your time each month can make a big difference in the well-being of our community!

If you would like to join our efforts, call (865) 588-5550 or send an email to Katie Linley at klinley@metrodrug.org.

Title VI

Metro Drug Coalition operates in accordance with the rights set forth under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, which states that no person, on the grounds of race, color or national origin, shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.