<h1 class='title'>The Gateway Update</h1>

The Gateway Update


January 2020

Metro Drug Coalition received the best Christmas present ever… on December 23, we closed on our building! This 22,500 square foot building will house MDC’s headquarters and The Gateway recovery center. We will soon begin renovations at our new location, 530 West Fifth Ave.




In December, Mayor Madeline Rogero proposed and Knoxville City Council approved a one-time, $250,000 capital grant to MDC for The Gateway at the December 3, 2019 City Council meeting. You can read more about this grant here. MDC also received the Cigna Foundation Healthier Communities Grant funding for $80,871.00. This grant will specifically focus on recovery coaching within The Gateway.

We cannot express how much this means to our organization to receive funding for the work that will happen at The Gateway!

We have currently raised $347,000 for our capital campaign. We still have a significant amount to raise to make this dream a reality. We have increased our total capital campaign budget to 2.2 million dollars. We have adjusted the budget based on structural issues identified through the inspection process.

MDC has continued work with BarberMcMury Architects and we now have a contractor, Rick Cox Construction. We are so thankful for their dedication to this project and look forward to working with them through this venture.

We will begin providing recovery coaching and All-Recovery meetings while funds are continuing to be raised to complete the entire project.  Additional services, such as music therapy, art therapy, fitness and family trainings will be added as space is renovated. If you are interested in attending this meeting or learning more, please contact Jason Goodman at jgoodman@metrodrug.org.

As a partner of MDC, if you have relationships with donors, please reach out to Metro Drug Coalition. We would love to connect with them and share our vision of The Gateway.