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Drug-Free Workplace

For Drug-Free Workplace assistance, contact:

Aly Taylor
Metropolitan Drug Commission
(865) 588-5550

Karen Pershing
Metropolitan Drug Commission
(865) 588-5550

How much does alcohol abuse cost your company annually?
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Local drug testing:

Mobile Diagnostic (865) 584-3926
Knoxville Medical Center (865) 524-2743

The Metropolitan Drug Commission will come to your place of business and conduct a Drug-Free Workplace Training.

Did you know–70% of all illicit drug users are employed?

People are an organization’s most valuable asset. Drug use and misuse pose a serious threat to employee health and safety. If substance abuse is contributing to an employee’s poor performance, ignoring or avoiding the issue will only exacerbate the situation. An employee’s use of alcohol or drugs may be the root of the performance problem; however, substance abuse by someone close to the employee also could be the source.

Substance abuse has a significant impact in the workplace. Findings from the 2001 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse indicate most adults with substance dependence or abuse are employed either full-time or part-time.

  • Of the 13.4 million illicit drug users aged 18 or older in 2001, 10.2 million or 77% were employed either full or part-time.
  • Among the 43.9 million adult binge drinkers in 2001, 35.4 or 81% were employed either full or part-time.
  • Similarly, 9.8 million or 80% of the 12.4 million adult heavy drinkers were employed.
  • Rates of current cigarette smoking were 28.6% for full-time employed adults and 25.9% for part-time workers.

Establishing a prevention program in the workplace does more than rid the workplace of substance abuse – it significantly contributes to the creation of alcohol- and drug-free families, schools, and communities according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Companies who have a Drug-Free Workplace Program will find that an investment in education, prevention, and assistance programs pay dividends for both the employer & the employee. A variety of resources are available to assist you:

Tennessee Drug Abuse Information and Treatment Referral Help Line

Tennessee’s Drug-Free Workplace Program
Request a Drug Free Workplace Information Kit

Department of Labor’s Working Partners for an Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace

Drug-Free Workplace Professional

Find out how much alcohol abuse is costing your business:

Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA)

Employer Benefits:

Employers may increase savings through incentive programs offered by insurance carriers. Also, the company will save money because of lower instances of accidents, errors, absenteeism, tardiness, employee theft/fraud, legal expenses, insurance claims, employee turnover and workers’ compensation costs. Employers also experience increased employee morale, creativity, motivation, customer satisfaction and positive public image.

Drug Free Workplace Kit (made available by SAMHSA)

Employee Benefits:


Employees in drug-free environments have greater confidence that their workplaces are safe. Think about the construction contractor whose personal safety depends on his fellow workers being alert and focused at all times.


Employees in drug-free environments take comfort in knowing that their workplace is healthy…Consider the restaurant server who knows his own health won’t be compromised because he has to work a double shift to cover for a colleague who regularly calls in sick due to a hangover.


Employees in drug-free environments are reassured that their workplaces are productive…Think about the high-tech worker who knows he won’t miss an important deadline because he’s covering for a colleague whose output lags due to drug abuse.


Employees in drug-free workplaces are pleased to be part of a team that gets the job done and enjoy the benefits of higher morale…Picture the nurse who arrives for work each day with the knowledge that the level of patient care won’t suffer due to a coworker’s abuse of alcohol or other drugs.


Employees in drug-free workplaces appreciate that their employer’s policies make them more secure…Consider the electronics store sales associate who doesn’t worry that the cash register she shares will be short at the end of the day because a coworker steals to support a drug habit.


Employees in drug-free workplaces feel an enhanced sense of well-being…Think about the accountant who worked hard to achieve recovery and finds that his supportive work environment plays an important role in his continued sobriety and success.

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